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Economy's Mica Band Heaters are designed for uniformly applying heat on cylindrical surface and are capable of being operated at elevated temperatures with along service life. These are shaped to suit many varying requirements such as inside diameter, width , wattage ,voltage etc. Apart from this, different terminal configurations are made available. Best quality of natural Mica and also certain imported varieties of mica are used in the manufacture .

Special fixing arrangements , insulation arrangements for heat losses, cutouts for thermocouples, holes are provided to suit specific requirements.

Sizes :              Heaters are made available for cylinders of 1” OD to                         24”  OD and also beyond.
Width :              1” to 12” widths and also beyond.
Voltage :           220, 240, Single Phase AC Supply or 380V, 2 Phase                         AC  Supply or 3 Phase 4 terminal systems.
Wattage :          As low as 50 Watts to as high as 6000 Watts and                         beyond.
Watt Densities : Mica Band Heaters are designed to have lower watt
                        densities and generally these are made available                         between 20 w per sq. inch to 40 w per sq. inch                         depending upon the application and duration of use.
Application :      Plastic extruders, injection moulding machines etc.


The ECONOMY range of Flexible Ceramic Heaters are designed for applications where temperatures to 4500 c are required, or where watts densities to 50 watts per sq. in. are needed.

Manufactured using individual Ceramic links , allows the heater to be opened out over the barrel, without disturbing or having to previously remove other heaters.

A stainless steel outer clamp band with swivel toggles provides adequate clamping, and arrange of electrical terminations are available.

Sizes: 2” dia and up, width: 1 ½” and up.

Sheath: Stainless steel or Treated steel sheet.

when ordering please specify:

     1.   Inside dia and width
     2.   Wattage and Voltage
     3.   Basic Construction
     4.   Gap, Leads length etc.

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