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Drum Heaters are used to control temperatures on a variety of pails or drums where maintaining viscosity and keeping the contents fluid are important. Drum Heaters provide uniform heat and prevent scorching or degradation of sensitive materials. Drum Heaters also provide freeze protection and are available with fixed or adjustable thermostats for various applications. Economy offers different types to suit variety of applications, and usage.

These are thin metal sheath heaters hinged for easy openability. These are further provided with a spring to hold them tight on the drum. Each heater is provided with a 3 meter long flexible cord. Although these are quite strong but these have to be handled carefully to avoid damage. These are low cost compared to Jacket type drum heaters.
                          JACKET TYPE DRUM HEATERS
Economy’s Jacket type Drum Heaters are the latest creation. The drums with material are normally heavy and difficult to move. The new design allows the heaters to be moved away or towards the drum very conveniently. Both the heaters have castor wheels which allow them movability as required. Each half heater is fitted with separate heaters and have separate supply line.

All metal rugged construction takes care of rough handling by workers in day to day use. Standard 3 meter supply cords are made available.



Jacket Type Drum Heaters

» 240 V / 440 V standard AC Supply.
» Temperature controlled with thermostat.
» Insulated for heat losses.
» Both the heaters are movable on castors.
» Easy to use.
» Economical to operate.

Manufactured & Marketed by:
Ideal for removing residual
material from drums
The ECONOMY base drum heaters are manufactured in all metal construction and have thermostatic control for temperature regulation upto 110 degrees C. The heat loads are purposely kept low to provide even and mild heating. Most of the chemicals. Adhesives require fairly mild heating

Standard Base drum heater has approx. 22” diameter over which all types of drums can be kept. Certain materials do require heating from bottom and hence this arrangement is ideal.

Catalog No. BDH
Capacity: 900 W / 230 V, AC Supply
Thermostatic Control
Supply Cords: 3 metres long.

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