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Lighter gauge plate and shell design offers cost - effective performance.
Trunion look up for strap adjustment eases installation
Mica insulation and nichrome heating element with 31 to 46 watts per square inch provide effective heating upto 800 F.
High temperature insulated electrical leads prevents short circuit and increases safety.
These Heaters are designed primarily as economical mica band heaters in nozzle and narrow width sizes. The idea is to make available from ready stock so that customers get the supply without loss of time and these can be made available at fairly low prices. Other sizes can be made available on request. These heaters have been thoroughly tested over the period of time and have proven to give a good performance.


NOTE:Standard sizes are available from ready stock.
           Internal Thermocouples J or K type can also
           be made available upon special request

There should be no air gas gaps between nozzle and heaters (too loose heaters should not be used).

After the initial heating up period the clamping screws should be retightened.

Plastic material on the heater surface should be removed by raising the melting temperature or the material. Avoid hammering and drying to tear the plastic material free.

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