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Extension cable is steel armoured which, provides protection against abrasion and wire damage. Standard Extension cable is 1 meter long.

For further details and different sizes of above types of thermocouples,please write to us or e-mail us for quotations.

1. Select the sensing element desired, specify the number (1), (2), (3), (4)
2. Give length of cartridge needed as indicated by dimension. “L” on the
    diagram 1 to 4. Standard length “L” is 2. Length L.____________
3. Specify Required calibration: CHROMEL - ALUAEL,
4. Specify length of Extension Cable: 1 Meters 2 Meters 3 Meters Or more.
5. Adaptor required: Yes No
6. These thermocouples are normally furnished grounded.

The adapter is a connecting link between the thermocouple
lack & device being monitored.


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